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Small Strokes

Vibrant Prints


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Get a Framed-Print Series:
A tailored collection of prints to be used throughout your facility, venue or development. 
Choose from existing prints to be framed (See Vibrant print section).
a. Each print is available in all frame sizes given.
b. Choose from box- frame colours: Black,
    brown, sandy-beach or plain timber.
c. Request glass panel prices.
d. Note: For photographic works (customized
    orders or prints from existing photos on this site
    or Mark's books) please 
place a request for your
Framed Print Sizes available:
 L X W  40.6 cm   x  28.7 cm           = $160
 L x W  57.4 cm     x  40.0 cm       = $220 
 L x W  81.2 cm      x  57.4 cm        = $380
 L x W 140.0 cm     x  100.0 cm        = $550           
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