Mark Rusic is the founder of Iconic Colours, and is an artist, motivational speaker, and the author of ‘Iconic Melbourne’ and ‘Iconic Animals of Australia with a voice to release your giant potential within.’ He boosts people's true colours to be their best, by strategically catalysing their creativity, high-achievability, and dreamability, through highly inspiring and next-level-outcome-oriented author talks, and visual arts and informative, gap-closing Indigenous talks.

His best-selling books include Iconic Melbourne and Iconic Animals of Australia-With a Voice to Release Your Giant Potential Within.


Three hundred copies of Iconic Melbourne were received by G20 World Delegates as a gift-book.


They include collections of his vibrant paintings, photography, and poetry with creative and motivational comments throughout. The themes of inspiration, learning and blossoming are intertwined with his art in each publication.

How about inviting an Author Speaker to help your students develop the Art of Creative Thinking,  Resilience and a Growth Mindset?

"I love doing art tutorials with live painting, combined with life coaching strategies to boost people's true colours and potential. 


As an author of two best-selling books and with twenty years of motivational speaking and life coaching experience to all ages, it is my joy to have seen many people rise up in their greater potential and true colours.

People who discover their true colours and their cause in life become deeply fulfilled, self motivated and passionate to make a difference.


Learning to paint is a great way to start on that journey of creative expression and getting into touch with your true and inner self, the dreamer at heart!

 We love helping people and organisations find their true colours, taking those steps forward ​so they fire up and rekindle their passion, and blossom."

More about Mr. Iconic Colours Workshops

Author Talks and Workshops with Motivational Talks
For example, in my 'Paint Like Van Gogh' series I not only tutor people in the basics of shapes, lines, shadows and colours, but also share strategies to empower creativity, high achievability and dreamability.
Perfect for motivating kids to have a growth and resilience  mindset.
And for therapeutic corporate bonding activities. 
Readily tailored workshops to your iconic theme or favourite place or memory.​
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Mark's Books & Art Selling in Retail


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What about having an Author Illustrator Speaker visit or Zoom-in who calls Melbourne 'iconic', and says that Australian animals have a voice to release people's giant potential? 

Mark speaks using his best-selling books; a collection of his paintings, photography and poetry, all full of inspiring iconic colours, stories and life principles, making them the perfect souvenir and gift.


They have been selling for years in many leading retailers, booksellers, gift shops and home wares, art shops, both in Melbourne and all over the country.

Both primary and secondary students, have proven to be wonderfully inspired by his talks and workshops.

​​Mark's books are 'encouragement-givers,' and an arts and literacy resource.
Childcares, Schools, Libraries are proven to love Mark's books, perfect for family story times, with a highly pictorial format. People are also proven to find serious emotional support through the inspiring content.

We are highly flexible to find a Workshop or an Art solution that can suit you. 

We now offer all talks in an online Zoom format.  We always seek to be punctual, diligent and warm in communications. Call now or email us today on with your interest or query.

Cuddly Koala- Josie's Jigsaw Puzzles   


Mark recently provided Moonee Valley Libraries with a four-part Iconic Colours video series, “Paint Like Van
Gogh”, to be distributed on our social media accounts during COVID lockdown in Melbourne. These family-friendly painting tutorials have been a great addition to our suite of online content for school-aged children and have been well received by kids and their parents alike. The videos are high-quality and high-energy. They not only focus on painting techniques but also provide valuable life lessons about creativity and productivity. It’s been a pleasure liaising with Mark throughout this process – he’s always enthusiastic and keen to help us promote the content and engage with our audience. Thanks Mark!"

Primary School Kids Rave about their Workshop with Mr. Iconic Colours:

         "Thanks you Mark. I love your work. I learnt a lot."
         "You do great drawings. I want this book!"
         "I love your Art. It inspires me." 
                                                                                                                                                  See more Testimonials here

Mr. Iconic Colours helps Schools, Libraries and the Communities with Fun and Creative Online Workshops via Zoom.


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