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Mark Rusic is an inspiring all-ages, motivational speaker-author-artist to community, education and business sectors. Mark aims to inspire self-discovery and creativity, ‘covid-coping-resilience’, and dreams that results in a ‘I-can-make-a-difference-in-my-city-and-nation’ attitude and vision.
He speaks, applying his two best-selling books that are a collection of his paintings, poetry and photography, with creative, life and leadership tips throughout, from his personal journey. Mark offers a variety of talk topics and art related workshops with life coaching to boost people's creativity, productivity and dreams.
I felt the artist inside me was suppressed, and decided to step out of my box, my 'familiar.' I discovered I could paint, and actually sell paintings, to even the 'I-never-buy-art-types' from around the globe. 
Then, using my art, I found I could write books with a creative ‘boom’ and be counted among some of the best authors in my nation.  That was just the beginning.
I essentially found myself by stepping out and stepping up, and understanding what's involved. Now, after more than twenty years of motivational speaking with coaching, applying my art and writing, I've seen many others of all ages, do likewise. I love it!
  • Speaks as an artist-author-life-coach (See talk topics & workshops)
  • Experienced at speaking in community, education, business and church sectors, with all ages.
  • Pastor/life-coach/motivational speaker, speaking on average weekly, 1995-2020.
  • Proven life coach to business people to empower emotional health. 
  • Mark readily inspires people to see the gold in themselves and reach their greater potential.
  • Mark has an up to date "working with children check" card.
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 1989.
  • Previously worked as an Engineer.
  • Born and based in Melbourne; happily married to Susan, who is originally from Indonesia(Indonesian-Chinese) with three young children.
  • Missionary/social work to the poor in Indonesia from 1990 - 1995; quite fluent in Indonesian language.
  • Current indigenous project work; for reference speak to CEO (Bevan Mailman) of Jaramer Legal, Norton Rose Full Brite, Melbourne.
  • Self-published two best selling books based on his art, photography, poetry and with creative comments throughout.
  • Guest author at Dymocks Camberwell, Victoria, a hub for the nation's best authors, about half a dozen times since 2014.
  • Books are available on booktopia.com.au (ie 'Iconic Melbourne' and 'Iconic Animals of Australia With a Voice to Release Your Giant Potential Within.')
  • 300 copies of Mark's 'Iconic Melbourne' book were received by G20 world leaders (Nov. 2014).
  • Self taught artist, poet and photographer.
  • Has successfully produced art that sells  for almost 2 decades. 
  • See 200 Testimonials provided on the home page.
  • Current 2020 exhibit, Moonee Valley club, sponsor of Moonee Valley Art Show 2020.
  • Camberwell Art Show (2018, 2019).
  • Camberwell Art show hosts the "artist elite or cream of Australian artists."
  • Bayside Art show (2018).
  • Exhibited in Market Gallery South Yarra (2017/ 2018).
My highest purpose is to use my painting to help people live out their dream or empower their business.  Practically, this involves producing  “Paint-your-passion,” “Visualize-your-vision” or Boost-your-brand” paintings for individuals or corporates.
Landscapes, portraits, still life, etc... I love painting. I paint all subjects.  My passion is the impressionistic-expressionistic, semi-abstract finish, where the subject matter is readily discerned, but the colours and form of a subject are what I feel they can, be instead of what they actually are.
I love using iconic, complementary colours, in impasto oils with lively, textured brush strokes to create a vibe.  I have been profoundly  inspired by the brush work of Vincent Van Gogh and what he foretold saying, "But the painter of the future will be a colourist the like of which has never yet been seen. But I'm sure I am right to think that it will come in a later generation..."  ~ 1888
So, I have been encouraged by the Impressionist art era with it's pursuit of beauty and the post-impressionist, expressionist period about art portraying feelings.  For myself, I see the role of art today involves leveraging off the two art movements stated, but going on to a new art movement-
To use art to inject greater substance of hope and positivity, to displace the toxicity and negativity we are seeing in the world. I desire paintings that can become a positive voice to humanities crisis and needs, while opening up new realms of possibility.  So, I see myself as a pioneer of a new art-movement I call 'Positivitism' stemming from the root word positivity.
My strategy and purpose to release positivitism is clear.  I aim for art to magnify the beauty, instead of the beastly, to highlight the meaning, instead of the confusing, to empower the dignifying  instead of the degrading and to remove the cynic-all by elevating the compassion-for-all.  
For me, a test of truly great art is does it do well to displace thoughts and feelings of toxicity and negativity to empower positivity. This in turn helps people beat stress and get into the zone of better emotional health, creativity and productivity, which we all need.
I love what Henri Matisse said about art's purpose to enhance positivity and its valuable impact. He said, "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity, devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter, an art which could be for every mental worker, for the businessman as well as the man of letters, for example, a soothing, calming influence on the mind, something like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue."
Mark's journey began with a dream for art with iconic colours.
Mark Rusic's dream of painting Melbourne & beyond in iconic colours began two decades ago. He would typically see wall art and question inside, "Why isn't the design and appearance more captivating and vibrant?" So, he innovated to  produce highly saleable, quality art with iconic colours. It has been almost two decades since that beginning.
Mark has sold hundreds of his artworks over that time, (see his sample of 200 testimonials). Many say, his iconic colours are like a tonic and have the I-can't-wait-to-hang-it-up feel and evoke powerful memories.  Mark's own emotional  release was pivotal to enable the life and spirit revealed in his paintings.
Mark's passion for Iconic colours and various artistry has also led to authoring and giving back to community.
Mark's artistry has also led to establishing a platform as a best-selling author and motivational speaker to serve various organisations and the broader Australian community, including Indigenous peoples.  You can truly know this artist behind his art.  And of course this development, paved the way to empower people to  also dream.
So, Mark's vision is to go beyond mere gallery exhibits to bring reform to the arts, which will also impact the commercial arena.  This involves producing great and highly purposeful art, that not only looks captivating, but can also help empower a positive work culture, and even impact on heightened emotional health, and with his talks.  Mark continues to innovate as he did from the beginning.