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       These pictures show:

  • Mark's books, paintings in tubes being

       sold @ Melbourne Zoo and Museum.

  • Examples of the creative process,

       going sketches to paintings, from

       start to finished artwork.

  • Mark doing talks for all ages.

  • Some paintings sold & with close ups.

  • Exhibition @ city library, Flinders Lane

  • Indigenous elder friend, from




(Written Sep. 8, 2023) :

​Mark is a full time artist, author and speaker. Although a consistent trail of commendation and accolades followed him from young whenever he touched on art, Mark would have to learn how to remove the chip off his shoulder, and find inner healing, before he could release his iconic colours later in life.

His journey spanned from university and feeling disillusioned as an engineer, to trying out as a missionary to the poor in Indonesia. Then, as a pastor-life coach, he found full contentment after he got in touch with his creative side.

He discovered he could paint well, and even sell paintings, to the 'I-never-buy-art' types, even from around the globe. Then, using his art, he found he could write books with a creative ‘boom’ and be counted among some of the best authors in the nation.  That was just the beginning. 


In 2013, as an artist-author, he began working as a motivational speaker and life coach in the education, community and business sectors, and in 2015 started visiting remote Indigenous communities to speak life coach individuals.  Despite all life's deviations, he felt as he had journeyed a full circle back to his origins, everything had been purposeful.


In 2017 Mark began trade in Iconic Colours, though as a part time endeavor. His talks and art workshops are all about boosting people's creativity, productivity and dream-ability.  Elephants leave their tusks, Mark contagiously models the success principles he prescribes, to invest into others.  Also, all sales from Iconic colours also help to fund Mark's trips as a speaker to and to support remote Indigenous communities across Australia.


  • Speaks as an artist-author-life-coach (See talk topics & workshops) since 2013

  • Experienced at speaking in community sectors(eg Pobus and Rotary clubs), education (schools), business and church sectors, with all ages.

  • Pastor-life coach to various business people, supplying wisdom, spiritual guidance, and empowering emotional health; 2002-2023.

  • Mark readily sees gold in people rather than dirt.

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, 1989.

  • Born and based in Melbourne; happily married to Susan, who is originally from Indonesia(Indonesian-Chinese descent), and they have three young children.

  • Missionary/social work to the poor in Indonesia from 1990 - 1995, mainly in Surabaya, Madura island; fluent in Indonesian language.


  • Self-published two best selling books based on his art, photography, poetry and with creative comments throughout.

  • Guest author at Dymocks Camberwell, Victoria, a hub for the nation's best authors, about half a dozen times, invited in 2014 and 2017

  • Books selling nation wide with Woodslane distributor, and are available at (ie 'Iconic Melbourne' and 'Iconic Animals of Australia.'

  • 300 copies of Mark's 'Iconic Melbourne' book were received by G20 world delegates via the Melbourne Museum (Nov. 2014).


  • Self taught artist, poet and photographer.

  • Mark has successfully produced art that sells  for about 2 decades, from 2002, selling hundreds of works, both in markets or on online. 

  • What's happening right now? See a brief sales history window in present from Sep 8th, 2023:

  • Sep. 4th 2023, via Eltham Rotary art show; Mark's painting titled, The Spirit of Reconciliation, SOLD.

  • Sep 6th 2023, En plein air contest(Aug-Sep 23) with Victorian Arts Society, painting SOLD.

  • Sep 5th 2023, formerly engaged privately in a portrait commissioning; that's SOLD

  • Sep 8th, 2023, two Paintings privately SOLD.

  • Eg. of interesting works Mark does for remote Aboriginal communities:

  • April 2023, corporate commissioning of portrait of elder in QLD, Daintree region; SOLD.

  • 2022, working on several exhibits, to suit state level, art galleries (e.g. NGV), working through corporate sponsorship.

  • 2013 - 2017 Mark's art sold in the Melbourne Museum retail shop and with my books, were displayed in the front and rear windows for about four months or more. 

  • 2020 exhibit, Moonee Valley club, sponsor of Moonee Valley Art Show 2020.

  • Camberwell Art Show (2018, 2019).

  • Bayside Art show (2018).

  • Exhibited in Market Gallery South Yarra (2017/ 2018).

  • See 200 Testimonials provided on the home page of this site.



Twenty years ago I began painting landscapes in an impressionistic, expressionistic, semi-abstract style, where the subject matter is readily discerned, using vibrant colours and form, I wanted to produce eye catching paintings. It worked and I sold a lot of artwork.

Today however, since 2022, I want to not just paint aesthetically beautiful artworks, but paintings 

that distinctly carry a voice, a message, a hope, or to tell a story. They are to touch the heart.

My delight is figurative landscapes and portraits, in a post impressionistic , expressionistic style, following in the foot steps of Van Gogh. His compassion for people, and his quest for a utopian world with its subtle, but bold portrayal through paint on canvas, is something that resonates deeply with me.

I am seeking to apply this approach, trying to take it further to produce exhibits that capture and birth new and hope filled narratives speaking into various challenges we face in society today. For example, in the area of First Nation Australians and reconciliation.

So, my skill-empowering, Paint like Van Gogh art workshops are really the product of a lot of hard work to get this point. I also relish in passing on these skills to others.

​I love using complementary colours in impasto oils with lively, textured brush strokes to create a vibe.  I have been profoundly inspired by the brushwork of Van Gogh and what he foretold saying, "But the painter of the future will be a colourist, the like of which has never yet been seen. But I'm sure I am right to think that it will come in a later generation..."  ~ 1888

I also enjoy painting to help people live out their dream or empower their business.  Practically, this involves producing,  “Paint-your-passion,” “Visualize-your-vision” or Boost-your-brand” paintings for individuals or corporates.​

Referees (Numbers given on request):

Libraries & Schools - Librarian Kate Alexander 

Business related- (Bevan Mailman, Founder/CEO of Jaramer Legal)

Church Visits:

Television producer- Ms. D. Johnson 

Leadership of Hope Christian Church Melbourne 

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