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Mr. Iconic Colours is offering inspiring, fun and down to earth author talks and exciting  Online Workshops with fabulous Stories, Paintings, and Poems.

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  • 01

    I Love Iconic Melbourne

    Review and be inspired by Mr. Iconic Colours' journey to write his best selling Iconic Melbourne book and get inspirations from his poem reading of favourite Melbourne locations.

  • 02

    I Love Iconic Animals of Australia

    Lessons from Mr. iconic Colours's journey to become a best selling author and be inspired by his book Iconic Animals of Australia- with a Voice to Release Your Giant Potential Within. 

  • 03

    Paint Like Van Gogh Art Workshop

    Mr. Iconic Colour shows how to turn very ordinary Melbourne scenes to vibrant, expressive, Van Gogh like styled paintings with basic techniques uncovered.

Online Video 

Pre-recorded Workshop

25 mins Pre-recorded Painting like Van Gogh Art Workshop (4 sessions available)

Zoom Session

Live Author Talk

25-45 mins online group session via Zoom

Onsite Visit

Author Talk Visit

30-45 mins Author Talk or Art Workshop


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