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Primary School Kids, Year 5-6, Iconic Animal Art Workshop/talk, August 2023 @ Overnewton College:

You are amazing at what you do. I want to be like you! p.s. I love how you didn't give up


I think your story is amazing; love the way you explain it, it's an inspiration to me, thanks. Keep going and doing what you love! 


I love your energy, faith and hope! I was planning to give up on the story I was writing but then after I heard your presentation I will decide to keep writing it. The book is called 'The Potato days.'


He was very inspiring  because he kept getting criticized, but he didn't give up. And that really paid off!!! Thanks so much:)


Today, I learnt to INSPIRE: Don't look down, look up. Be a seed out out of the packet. Thank you for teaching me.


The drawing of the koala, and also you spoke about your dedication and love for drawing/art. 'Flying star image'



Primary School Kids Rave about the Workshop, 2023 @ Niddrie Primary school:

"I liked the way you explained how you did it."

"You are the best artist!"

"Thanks you Mark. I love your work. I learn't a lot."

"You are the best watercolour painter."

"You do great drawings. I want this book!"

"I really liked it."

"I enjoyed your art lesson a lot, thanks!"

"I love your art. It inspires me." 

"I really liked the lesson, because we got to try our best."

"I really like your art work."

"I really like your artistic skill."

"That lesson was the best."

"I love your art. It inspires me I want your book."


Feedback from community groups:

"Mark's presentation was great and well received by all, there was a lot of interest in his work and the members were fascinated by his book and poetry." (Rotary Essendon)

"A presentation that was inspirational and telling us that there is hope yet for our own book." (Rotary Keilor)

"An excellent speaker, most informative." (View Club, Ascot Vale)

"Fantastic presentation Mark. Positive, inspirational and great artwork."

"The talk inspired me to continue my memoir."

"Enjoyable talk and lovely book."

"Great mornings entertainment."

"Great and inspiring."

"Great work Mark. The icons in your book are Melbourne's major icons. Keep the good work up. You are an inspiration to those that have not yet thought of writing and yet have the knowledge and experience to pass it on to others."

"I love the positivity of the book, please come to Dandenong and help the youth."

"Your poems say what needs to be said."

Mark's talk was fantastic, love his ideas and learnt a lot about how he markets his book.  Thanks for sharing.

Mark gave a passionate and informative talk.

"Really enjoyed the info on writing a book. Gorgeous book!"

"Great inspiration of a great city and God." (Salvation Army,  Greensborough)

"Thanks for your talk tonight. I will take my two books to work and show all my international residents." (Rotary Club Bundoora)

"Thanks for your enlightening address. It was most enjoyable."

"Excellent speaker."

"Very uplifting and I reflected on some aspects of my life that need improvement. I need to work up some life platforms."

"Thank you for a nice time. It was a very interesting talk." (Nina from Denmark)

"Loved the idea of the book and capturing the essence of you in it."

"Sending a book to Greece. I'll show them how lovely our city is."

"What a great story. Thanks!"

200 Reasons  to Buy Mark's Art From People Who Have Bought it:

“I loved the colours and imagination. It’s really unique and you don’t see this sort of stuff anywhere.” (Melbourne)

“Mark Rusic’s colour palette will bring the Australian sun to any place on earth.” (New York)

“The colours, visual style and uniqueness drew me in and I was hooked. Thanks for a unique souvenir.” (UK)

”Love the colours and the beautiful way of making the scenes come to life.” (Belgium)

“Amazing colours and concept. Makes Melbourne come alive.” (Melbourne)

”The form of these paintings is breathtaking” (Spain)

“Beautiful and fresh.” (Sydney)

“Love your art! Have never seen a painting that I‘d like to have in my room till I met you. Keep on going!” (Austria, Europe)

“I’ve been holidaying in Melbourne for 8 months and have been waiting for a piece of artwork to jump out at me. I’ve finally found it. Thanks so much.” (Canada)

“I love the vibrant colours. They evoke a sort of calm happiness. Beautiful.” (Canada)

“Comfort.  Colourful. Feeling of joy.” (Taiwan)

“So very different. Refreshing!” (Vienna)

”I love the colour and style.”(China)

“The colours and form of your paintings help me to overcome my anxiety and depression. I had to have them.” (Melbourne)

“Love the colours and style. I’m gonna make my Dutch friends so happy with this.” (Netherlands)

“These pictures evoke an endless number of ever enjoyable emotions and are priceless visual euphoria.” (Melbourne)

”Amazing mix of powerful colours and great artistic talent. One can only feel joy when viewing your work.” (Melbourne)

“Vibrant and lively- just like the city! Thank you for sharing your gift.” (Los Angeles)

“Beautiful style, awesome subject matter.” (NZ)

“Really unique colours and the originality is exciting.” (South Africa)

“Absolutely beautiful.” (Japan)

“Your pictures are amazing.” (Brazil)

“Captured my imagination. Captures Melbourne. I had to turn back and look again. Look forward to hanging it in my home in Canada.” (Canada)

“It’s amazing how you captured the ‘vibe’ of St. Kilda. Will take this to my family in Venezuela.” (Venezuela)

“Brings out such beautiful memories from beach holidays in my childhood-the colours & the feeling in these are so powerful & lovely!” (Melbourne)

“Captures Melbourne’s splendour.” (Singapore)

“Possibly the best received client ‘thank you gift’ I have given at Christmas. Capturing the essence of Melbourne, loved and enjoyed by those who receive it.  A perfect coffee table book. It is truly Melbourne.” (Local Melbourne businessman, who purchased 100 Iconic Melbourne books for family, friends & clients)

”Wonderful work.” (Greece)


“Striking colours, look forward to my friend admiring them when I get home to Scotland. They will remind me of my wonderful holiday in Australia.” (Scotland)

“Beautiful colours. Striking. Wonderful way to remember Melbourne.” (Tasmania)

“I think the pictures are astoundingly beautiful. They will make a perfect present for my family and friends.” (Germany)


“Love the bright colours. Ideal for my holiday unit.” (Darwin)

”This art is stunning. Travelled about Melbourne, first time I have seen something like this.” (Thailand)

”Fantastic colours and atmosphere at the MCG” (NSW)

”The artwork is stunning. I love the uniqueness…You have something special to share with us all.” (Sydney)

”Perfect gift to show our families.” (Ireland)

”I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life. You’ve perfectly captured the city.” (Melbourne)

”The perfect present for those hard-to-buy-for people. Gorgeous happy pictures.” (Perth)


”Beautiful artwork. I can’t wait to get to my new place so I can put this up. Captures the best of Australia.” (USA)

”Eye catching colours, an inspiration. Love your work. Am taking home our memories of Melbourne.” (NSW, Australia)


”Love the colour- Melbourne the way it is!” (Melbourne)

”We like the unusualness, colour and creativity.” (Melbourne)

”Colour, colour, colour! Great images will look fantastic on my walls.” (Brisbane)

”Thanks so much- the picture of the MCG perfectly captures the energy and beauty we found throughout Australia.” (England)


”Amazing colours, brilliant memories for us to take home.” (UK)

”Beautiful colours and vibrant to eye. Great artwork.” (Chicago, US)

”Love the vibrancy and gorgeous colours.” (Melbourne)

”I love the colour in your paintings.” (Netherlands)

”Taking this one back to the UK. Very colourful, very modern!!” (UK)

”Lovely bright colours. Looking for something to hang in my office!” (Brisbane)


”Great.” (Croatia)


”So nice to meet you and take home some of your beautiful artwork.” (England)

”A unique blend of real places and fantastic colour. Brilliant to be able to meet the artist behind the pictures. Took me a while to choose, thank you; Jessica.” (Lingfield, Surrey, England)

”Lovely and bright pictures.” (Warraknabeal, Country Victoria, Australia)

”Beautiful paintings! Colour so vibrant! Love all the pictures.” (USA)

”Love the style of the paintings. Very unique. Will definitely post them back!!” (Perth, from China)


”Beautiful view of Melbourne. Thank you for sharing.” (UK)


”Great job. Pretty pictures.” (Finland, Europe)

”Very beautiful!!! Melbourne’s memories!” (China)

”Beautiful paintings. The colours are stunning.” (UK)

”Wow awesome colours. Melbourne all over.” (N.T. Australia)

”Wow!!!! Just fantastic work. Please include some Brisbane pieces.” (Brisbane)

”Lovely bright colours, very cheerful. Great way to portray Melbourne to tourists.” (Melbourne)

”Beautiful colours and wonderful designs. Makes you smile.” (UK)

”Lovely pictures. I love the vibrant colours.” (USA)

”Great presents for my sisters who used to live in Australia! Reminds them of what they had. Great work”

”Wonderful pictures! Very well done. Keep up the great work.” (Melbourne)

”Your artworks are beautiful! They will make great presents for my friends in Germany and Denmark.” (Denmark)

”Great pictures. They are my inspiration to buy for my place down the beach.” (Melbourne)

”Really bright colours! Love that it looks abstract but is still beautiful.” (Melbourne)

”Reminds me of all the beauty of Melbourne.” (Singapore)

”What a great addition for our house in Canada.” (Calgary, Canada)

”These vibrant creations capture the essence of this wonderful city of Melbourne. Truly inspiring. I was just captured by the one I bought.”

”Just a fantastic farewell gift for a big bro moving to Sydney. Gorgeous colour, fabulous artwork. Congratulations to you Mark for great artwork.” (Ballarat, country Australia)

”Very unique looking item and very iconic for Melbourne Australia. Love the bright colours.” (Melbourne)

”Love the abstract, beautiful simplification of the 12 apostles.” (UK)

”The colours are so vibrant, it reminds me of why I love this city so much. Full of life and captured beautifully in this image.”(Kyabram, Victoria, Australia)

”A beautiful representation of my beautiful home city- I’m sending mine to others across the world to enjoy.” (Melbourne)

”The use of materials on the works are well controlled. I also admire the details of the various artwork. Well done.” (Singapore)

”I love how the colors shine and especially how alive and busy the Federation Square, Flinders street seem on your aquarelle just lie in real life.”  (Germany)


”Fantastic prints of Melbourne. I know exactly where to hang these in my new home.” (UK)

”Beautiful pictures! Love love love the colours!”  (Sweden)

”Fabulous pictures. Great colours, lively scenes. They’ll be hanging in Research.”  (Melbourne)

”Love the colors and views of Melbourne. We’ll take to the US for momentous of two years here.” (USA)

”Great art of my favourite places in Melbourne.” (Ireland)

”Love the colors. Amazing views of the city.” (San Francisco)

”Beautiful colours and a great reminder of my trip down under.” (London)

”Love the colours- Melbourne the way it is.” (Melbourne)

”Pictures have a nice colour and I know the places.” (Norway)

”Man, you’re so great. Please keep going. All the best success always!” (Brazil)

”I love your pictures. It shows Australia’s rich colours and a sense of fun.” (Melbourne)

”Thank you so much. Your pictures of the MCG and Opera House perfectly captures the energy and beauty we found throughout Australia.” (England)

”So amazing!!!! Impressive! (San Diego)

”Love the colours and originality…very modern and fun. Will brighten up my front room.”

”When I saw your pictures, they impressed me a lot. Don’t give up to paint. Your job is great. Good luck. (Italy)

”Beautiful art. I love the colour. A little bit of Mark and his wife has traveled west.” (Western Australia)

”The vibrant colours of your paintings attracted me immediately along with the scenes of Melbourne and Sydney. Now I have a beautiful piece of art as a souvenir.”  (San Diego, USA)

”Fantastic colourful, beautifully capturing the vibrant icons of this wonderful city.” (Townsville, QLD)

”Great and fantastic colour. I love it.” (Thailand)

”Beautiful work. It will spend its life in Los Angeles." (USA)

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